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The Future

Hope Learning Project

At Hope Learning Academy, we have a heart for teenagers and their challenges. We have recognized some attention getting trends in our years of ministry. At an alarming rate students are bowing the pressure to drink, smoke, engage in acts of violence, commit suicide, and to be sexually promiscuous, are failing school, having behavioral issues in and out of the home, and are slowly drowning in their world without the will to swim and survive. Society has labeled these youth "at-risk".

According to the latest National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, poor academic achievement and unsupervised time spent with friends are the top indicators of problem behaviors among teens. This same study concluded that "a positive parent/family relationship was the single most consistent factor" in reducing at-risk behaviors.

The number of at-risk youth is always growing; and yet, the resources available to help them seem to be either dwindling or non-existent. Parents usually have the option of either doing nothing except hope that their child will somehow "snap out of it", or to go to the other extreme and seek a residential facility that works with "at-risk youth". That is why New Hope Community Church created the Hope Learning Project. With our "whole" approach in dealing with this problem, a student who successfully completes their time with The Hope Learning Project will not only have job skills, but life skills that will enable them to know how to think and confidently excel in the face of life’s challenges while learning in a safe environment.

The Hope Learning Project has 4 phases:


Hope Learning Academy began in September 2004 this project is the reason you are visiting this website! We work with parents and their student to implement a strategy of change in their lives. Our intervention works to put youth on an academic, behavioral, social and spiritual course for success and give parents the tools they need to effectively parent their child.


Hope Vocational Charter. For the first time in 30 years, the number of male students going to college has dramatically shifted. Today only 40% of incoming college freshman are males; yet males make up a disproportionate percentage of the students in at-risk school programs. These males will do something with their lives, whether positive or negative. Research shows that intervention of this nature must occur earlier than current programs accommodate. The Charter is designed to provide an incentive to stay in school as well as to give real career skills and create job pipelines that lead students toward productive lives.


Hope Learning Center Studies show that one in five children ages 6-12 are regularly left without adult supervision after school and before parents get home. Research also proves that children involved in after-school programs are less likely to be involved in violent crimes or illegal drug use. The third phase, the Hope Learning Center, deals with this issue. We have seen an alarming trend in our community – kids with drug problems as young as 11 years old, a gang culture that sucks kids in younger and younger and children who simply do not care about the consequences of their thinking and actions. More than 1 million students with working parents do not have access to after school programs. The Center is designed to address this vital need with not only supervised recreational activities, but effective mentoring and tutoring in a safe environment as well.


HOPE HOUSE In our 20+ years of youth ministry experience, we have discovered that some students will not be able to initially turn their lives around without 24/7 intervention away from their home for a season. Hope Houses will provide a safe environment free of distractions that can hinder certain teens from taking the significant positive steps necessary in order to return home and to become responsible adults.

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